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site specific, mural, gold
The Witching Hour
Imitation Gold Leaf

On location / Portland, ME
2 August 2015
Arrival: 6:20am / Departure: 7:12pm

I had a hunch that even if I arrived at sunrise the space would not be ready to work in. The light that I encountered last week only happens at a specific time.

What does it mean to wait for that moment?
Is it a futile effort - like trying to force the perfect sunset?
Will it be different than what I remember?

Being present and the slowness of the process is important to me. My work is reactionary. I get overwhelmed by noise, both auditory and visually, on a daily basis. I want to capture the ephemeral. There is beauty in the fleeting quiet moments of the mundane. I am transfixed by light as it slowly melts down the wall.

What am I looking for? A memory?

Photo ©Gabriella Sturchio, 2015 (